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One of the most important first-world problems is definitely running out of battery. Will it last all day long? Will I be able to go out tonight without having to take my charger with me? Will I run out of battery as soon as I walk out of the door?

Opinions about Battery Doctor (Battery Saver)

So much pressure. Well, to fix this problem that we've all run into at some point in our life, there are applications to save battery and optimize its performance, as is the case of DU Battery Saver. It can also fix any problem regarding the health of our battery with all optimization functions simply one tap away.

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And to reduce the consumption and improve the energy performance of our Android, downloading this APK can help us to make the most of the following features and functions:. Muck around with the different settings of Du Battery Saver to find the functioning mode that suits you the best.

In the statistics section, you can view in detail the consumption of all the device's components and applications installed to carry out a deeper study.

Use battery saver on Android

Well, obviously there's no magic formula or secret behind what this kind of app does to our smartphone. But in the sense that it can be used to manage the different applications and processes open in the operating system in a much more advanced manner than Android's usual settings, yes, it does do what it promises.

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  5. With Super Battery's brilliant preset battery power administration modes, one-touch Jet Cleaner is the perfect app for you if your device has become slow, if your battery drains too quickly, if you want more space to store more songs or pictures, if it gets too hot or if you need to speed Increase your phone Ram and CPU usage by utilizing full access of the mobile processing.

    Green Power Battery Saver for Android is fully automatic application. Once configured, it runs and saves your battery by itself.

    Avast Battery Saver

    It does so by smartly managing WiFi and Mobile data. Automatic turned on Sofodroid Battery Level provides the battery level status in Percentage.

    This makes it easier to determine how much battery and This is a very simple and small battery level widget for your home screen. It can display battery percentage, temperature and voltage. Also it shows battery usage on click. Background color changes from Battery Pro is an application that provide a great support to your phone with complete battery information.

    Coolphone is designed to cool down your android device, fix battery overheat and save battery energy. Apart from the effective tap-to-cool function, this FREE app also innovates a unique feature to optimize Battery Saver Optimizer is the right choice for your Android battery thirst.

    5 Best Battery Saver Apps for Android Device

    This free app bliss your phone a new life of last longer battery. Never worry to charge your phone in middle of the day now