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On the inside, you'll get a 1. I think this smartphone will be a hit for the 4. This would be perfect for general functionality and running the most common apps available in the Google Play Store. Louis on this device, and the Samsung Galaxy Ultra in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for a detailed review! The Samsung Mega with its whopping 6. I'm super excited about it, and I'm going to spend some quality time running it through the mill. This is a new concept of giganticizing a smartphone to fill the phablet niche.

I think it has definite use, for those that want to perform functions like a tablet can only provide. But the specs on the phone definitely don't scream "cheap" by any means. Plus it is said to include a lot of the gadgety features of the Galaxy S4, like multi tasking, motion gestures, and more. I think if your focus is on having a large display and tablet functionality, this might be a hit. The device dosen't pack the power of the Samsung Galaxy S4, but I think it will definitely function and perform well for what it is.

It might be a little bit of a stretch using this as a phone, but I'm open to the idea of having a jumbolicious device like this that provides its own 4G LTE service. I just wish it came with an S Pen, but that might jack the price up beyond what they are targeting. I'll be watching the horizon for the UPS delivery truck, and I'll give a full report when I break it out of the box. If this is something that would piquie your interest, stay tuned!

More info is on the way! I'm sure you're wondering where all the tech updates have been over the past couple of months. Well, I've been busy Today I'll give you my unrehearsed report of what I think of my Galaxy S4 smartphone, which has been enough of a distraction to keep me from blogging and reviewing other devices.

I'll cover what pops into my mind as it comes, and try to cover the details from the exterior build to the display and then to the performance of this device. First, I'll tell you what my experience has been on the physical form factor of this device. As you all know, I'm very hard on smartphones. I've broken enough of them over the past 4 years to give you trustworthy report. The Samsung Galaxy S4 has been reported to be a cheaply build phone that is lightweight and "plasticy" feeling. This is definitely a positive.

I've dropped my Galaxy S4 just a few times, definitely not the number of times that I drop-kicked my Galaxy S2. But due to the light weight and plastic body, the phone has not broken. There is a large percentage of consumers who feel that a smartphone should feel "solid", and carry enough weight to give the impression that it is a "good build". I can honestly disagree with that.

Dropping a Galaxy S4 is not nearly as traumatic of an experience as dropping an iPhone, whatever the model. The lighter the weight, the easier it hits the ground. I did notice that what I thought was a metal ring around the circumference of the phone is a "faux" metal band. It's really just shiny silver plastic made to give the impression that it has something similar to the iPhone. I would have liked to see a real metal ring around this smartphone, but that would add uneccesary weight.

So I can live with that. The face of the phone and the thin back plate are equally light weight and made of some type of plastic, and this is also somewhat of a negative for some consumers. But for the price you pay for a smartphone whether straight-out or on a 2-year contract, this is something you will appreciate when you drop it. I have experienced some heating issues when talking on the phone or while multitasking, but it doesn't seem to be any worse than most smartphones.

With the size of the processor in this device, you can expect that it will generate a fair amount of heat when in heavy use. Maybe this is something that will be improved on all smartphones in the future. The display is nothing less than spectacular. Watching video content on this device is unparalleled. I have no real need to upgrade my television when I can watch quality video wherever I happen to be. The audio quality of the speaker on the Galaxy S4 gets a passing score, even though the HTC One and even the One X have far superior audio performance.

But I didn't buy my smartphone to use as a boombox. I don't find myself in many situations where I would prefer using the external speaker over a pair of quality headphones, or the stock ear plugs that came with the device. The camera is giving me everything I need for taking pictures with my smartphone. I don't expect it to replace a consumer grade digital camera. The 13mp rear camera captures decent still photos, and I have yet to even play with the special effects.

The Burst mode feature is fantastic, and gives you a chance to capture the perfect picture without spending a ton of time framing an active scene. Video quality of the camera is good enough to upload content to YouTube, and this is something that I do use quite frequently to capture and create videos for marketing purposes. Internally, you've got plenty of muscle with the 1. That means multitasking will not considerably drag down the phone's performance when running several apps. You have somewhat of a multitasking capabiltiy with the split screen feature, but you do only have a limited number of apps that can run via split screen.

All of the gadgety fuctions that are jam-packed into the phone give you the ability to customize your experience. I find myself using the hands-free scrolling feature a lot, but I'd love to see this work on all applications, not just the stock Android browser.


I will tell you that the Eye Scroll feature is somewhat useless. It is quirky, and more trouble than what it is worth. I can live without it. But I'd rather have a pile of useless and useful features than none at all. Once you turn off the features that you don't really need, you can settle for the ones that make operation of the phone more fun and convenient. My only problem is the amount of time that it is taking me to discover all of the hidden features that are built into the phone. But each time that I discover a new hidden feature, it only raises my enjoyment experience.

I tend to use my Galaxy S4 for a lot of busines-related functions, including using a Square Card and Paypal's credit card reader.

This turns my smartphone into a mobile credit card terminal. I can perform point-of-sale funcitons on the go, accepting payments on many items that I sell with my businesses. Looking on the inside, I have no complaints.

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The powerful processor and 2Gb of RAM is plenty enough to push as many as applications that I want to run at a time. And I love the flexibility of being able to pop off the back and toss in a spare battery that is always fully charged. All in all, I'm very pleased with my Galaxy S4. Surprisingly, I'm not missing the S Pen that I so hoped this device would have.

For now, I'm happy using a rubber-tipped after market stylus. I've been a customer on-and-off for the past 25 years or so, through all of the mergers and breakups. And I've been a recent customer since And I've been completely satisfied ever since. On August 1st, J. That covers retail sales stores, online services, and online call centers.

The results of the study were based on 18, participants. Considering their size, they don't really have to make the effort to treat their customers like human beings. But they do. I have yet to have one negative experience in six years, since switching my cellular service provider. I was used to horrendously horrible service calls, mixed up billing, and wasting numerous hours to get things straight when something went wrong. Each time I would make a call, I would get referred to a manager. Somehow, the records of previous conversations would "disappear", and I would have to spend 30 minutes or more re-explaining the situation, and showing proof on my wireless bills.

I was even met with irate customer service representatives at times. It was a nightmare. Another large internet supplier that I have dealt with over the years gave me a similar frustrating experience, but in a different way. There was a major communication problem between the provider and the contracted field techs that carried out the service calls. On numerous occasions, service techs would arrive at my house and wonder why I was being information that was contrary to what they were told. And service calls would take as long as 3 weeks to be taken care of after the point of the initial call for help.

At any time that I have had challenges, I have been greeted with the best customer service possible. And the reps not only take great notes that are posted to my account to help the next rep understand the issue at hand, but they even follow up a couple of days later to make sure the issue was resolved to my complete satisfaction. One of the biggest struggles people have who are active bloggers is finding the best way to monetize the traffic that it generates. If you have an active blog and you just haven't found the best way to generate money from your work, I'm about to reveal the best source that I've found to date that pays out the largest margins for affiliate orders Read this carefully, and take action!

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My best advice to those who want to earn money blogging is to focus on putting out quality content on the topics within your niche and build your readership. This way, you don't come accross as a "spammy" site attempting to take advantage of visitors. If you create the best content and focus on building your audience, people will passively click on the banners provided by Moolala on their own accord. That's the easiest and least aggressive way to turn your efforts into recurring income.

Click on the banner below and you will be forwarded to the Moolala site where you can watch an introductory video that will give you all the details. I invite you to join my matrix now, and start earning with Moolala. I'm confident that it will be as good for you as it has been for me! Click the banner now, and get started today! I bought the phone on my upgrade in mid May of About two months in, I noticed that the ear speaker quit working all of the sudden.

During a phone call, I was talking to a friend, but was not hearing anything back. At first, I blamed it on his phone. He kept calling me back after I would tell him to check his phone, but I realized it was on my end after receiving a different call with no sound. My first thought was that the phone must have been tricked into thinking that the headphones were still connected. I was using the original Samsung earplug headphones with the speaker, and a very nice pair of Sony over-the-ear speakers for listening to music.

But when removing the headphones, I was still getting the notification on the screen that the headphones were in fact unplugged from the device. That eliminated my theory that something was stck in the headphone jack making the device think it was still plugged in, thus turning off the ear speaker. I did a lot of research online and didn't find much.

I only found one instance of a user with the same problem. He was told to try a hard reset to hopefully fix the issue, but that did not work.

That pretty much told me that this must have been a random device failure. I had not ever dropped the phone, and had used it gently over the past two months. I was afraid that the hard reset wouldn't solve the problem, which it didn't. If you experience this problem, it's definitely a hardware failure issue and not something that can be solved by resetting the operating system.

Sadly, I was going to have to order a warranty replacement and have another Galaxy S4 shipped to me. I dreaded the amount of time it would take to complete the process and receive my replacement phone, but I called in on a Monday to at least get it started early in the week. To my surprise, I got a notification that the replacement device order was processed by the afternoon, and had actually shipped out.

The new Galaxy S4 replacement phone was shipped via FedEx and sitting on my doorstep sometime during the day on Wednesday. I was very pleased with the rapid turnaround time, and was back in business. This is what we have been waiting for! Instead of being stuck with your contracted device for 2 years and dealing with outdated technology, you are now able to upgrade after only one year with this new program.

The company basically finances the full cost of the device, speading out payments over a 20 month period. But here's the kicker - there's no down payment, no activation fee, no upgrade fees, and no financing fees. Plus you can upgrade again within one year, even if you don't have the device paid off. I consider this very significant news, and it was well worth the wait.

Because I have said for a long time that technological advancement has now outpaced the length of carrier contracts. Let's say you buy a Samsung Galaxy S2 a few months after it has been released. You do fine with the device during the first year, because it's still close to being cutting edge for its harware specs. But after your first year, the Android updates start outpacing your device's ability to perform.

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Then the dreaded event happens: That's what happened to me when Android 4. I called Samsung Support, and they kindly told me that my device was so old that I couldn't expect it to keep up with the current operating system. They kindly told me that I should think about upgrading to a Galaxy S3, or get first in line for the S4 it was not out at the time. It was at that very point that I knew things would have to change in the mobile market.

No longer did standard contract time periods coincide with the pace of technology. I couldn't be more excited. I'll most definitely be one to take advantage of the program and update on a yearly basis. For someone who leans on their smartphone or tablet as much as I do, this is the best way to go. It allows you to take full advantage of advancement in operating system environments, and stay efficient with device performance.

New details on the Nokia Lumia are coming out, and it looks like there's more to this smartphone than the itty bitty 41Mp camera.

All the essential apps I can’t live without are available on the Nokia Windows Phone

It goes without saying that the Lumia smokes everything on the Android market with that monstrosity of a camera, though. There are some fancy things that this camera is capable of.

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For the "regular person" who doesn't engage in all that high-flying tech talk, they might think that a 41Mp camera would eat up all the memory on the device. But that's not exactly the case. The way this thing works is simple. It basically takes a 5Mp picture with 7 pixels crammed into each regular pixel, thus making it into a full-res image.

They call it "oversampling", and that just means the camera jams a pile of additional pixels into each normal pixel. The reult? You end up with high res pictures that don't take up a whopping chunk of your smartphone's memory. But it doesn't stop there. They've raised the bar in video recording too. Here's what they did The Nokia geniuses had somewhat of a major breakthrough with the smartphone's camera lens, giving it the best image stabilization of any phone device on the planet. They included a gyroscope inside the lens, and it floats around on ball bearings. That's pretty incredible.

What that means is that you are getting real physical image stabilization. Regular cameras zoom in to the picture and lop off the four edges, moving around the video window to produce a "fake" image stabilization effect. Not the Lumia Its lens is actually inside the device moving around, counteracting all of your nervous twitches and shaking hand movements.

That's pretty doggone neat. You end up getting a smartphone with a lens that is capable of performing at the level of quality you get with a consumer grade digital camera. Nokia and Windows Phone 8 are smacking down the leaders with this incredible device, and it could quite possibly put them into the big leagues with sales.

I've already said time and time again that Windows Phone 8 has the capability of taking a big fat chunk out of the market because of its ease of use and fresh, different approach. Now they are raising the bar on the hardware. These guys are serious, and I'm giving Microsoft and Nokia props for staying in the game with the Lumia There's nothing like fresh competition to make all of the other manufactures keep innovating.

Camera buffs and smartphone afficionados might want to take note. It features the new Gorilla Glass 3 display for maximum durability, and is super sensitive to to touch. You can even operate the device with gloves. I would expect this to be an excellent device, based on my experience testing the previous Nokia Lumia It's a solid phone with a composite body, and the Windows Phone operating system is a competely intuitive system that you can pick up and immediately use without looking at the instructions.

I'll hopefully get my hands on one later this summer to test out and give a full report. I'd love to try this device out for shooting video, and with the super fast frame rate, it might even be useful for shooting production footage. They are telling us to "prepare for what's next in wireless". Sounds like it is possibly signifant, if you ask me. Whatever this "next-in-wireless" thing may be, the company has guarded the secret quite well. Company employees don't even know what it is.

And I've scoured the net for hints, and have come up with nothing. Some people think it will be an announcement that has to do with package deals or wireless plans. I don't. Family plans and package deals don't really sound like things that can be "the next thing in wireless" to me. I think it will be something entirely different. I also don't think it will have to do with any singular device. One smartphone or tablet can't possibly represent the "what's next in wireless" phrase. It's got to be more sweeping than that. Maybe it's an announcement that has to do with the unveiling of a new hardware infrastructure that will surpass the LTE 4G network and run at fiber optic speeds, thus solving the bandwidth crunch crisis.

Okay that's probably a stupid guess, but I'm allowed to dream. Reeling it back in to reality, I think it might have something to do with enhancing the network. That could be accomplished by some "value-added" type of thing. Say, for instance, a brand-new streaming music radio service Maybe they will announce their plans to add teleportation to the 4G LTE network service areas. If you've got a fast enough connection, you'll be able to teleport to work and ditch that pesky commuter train or carpool.

The only other somewhat realistic idea could be something to do with hardware upgrades. Maybe they will roll out a new way to keep people's hands on the most current devices, without being required to wait for 24 months. I'd pay extra just do do that. Do you have a prediction of what the announcement will or will not entail? Share it in the Disqus comments section below! CZ Blog. Carlton Flowers The Gadget Master. Carlton Flowers Gadget Monster. However, there was one huge thing that each and every one of them had in common: They weren't funny.

I laughed insanely. But will I miss out on some tremendous fun? Who knows. Carlton Flowers Potential Bitstripper. Carlton Flowers Chief Geek Tester. Carlton Flowers Smartphone Geek Supreme. Just click the podcast image or the link below and it will open up your mobile device media player: Click Here To Listen Now! Carlton Flowers Techie Podcast Yapper. Carton Flowers Plastics Proponent. Ding ding ding! Let the fight begin, and slug it out! Carlton Flowers Smartphone Reviewer Extreme.

Carlton Flowers Phablet Fanatic. That's all for now, until I dicover more with this amazing smartphone! Carlton Flowers Galaxy S4 Enthusiast. Carlton Flowers Blogging Strategist Click the banner now, and get started today!

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Carlton Flowers Gadget Addict. Here's how Thank you for the exciting news, and living up to the hype! Stay tuned for more updates! I'll be keeping a close watch for more details. Carlton Flowers Smartphone Finatic. Stay tuned, we'll have more details soon! Carlton Flowers Smartphone Watchman. Carlton Flowers Announcement Watchman. Previous Next. It keeps you in the loop when you are on the go. And, for those of you who use Skype as a virtual office, the boss will think you are always working.

Another instant messaging app that you can use across platforms. Just input your number, accept the terms and conditions and the Windows Phone app will give you a list of contacts already using it. Anyone who travels will find Kayak vital for checking flights and sourcing routes. Any news junkie will appreciate Pulse with its fully customisable news interface.

If you never book a hotel room without first consulting TripAdvisor, you will almost rule out nightmare travel experiences. I have never stayed in a bad hotel since using this amazing app. Who can live without YouTube? Exactly, nobody. And the Windows Phone app is up there with the best. Another new one for me. One of the reasons for owning a Nokia Lumia phone has to be the Xbox link. For more details about the app that never stops playing, see our post. Amazingly, it also has football soccer news. This is my home for British sport, with football, cricket, rugby, golf, tennis, Formula 1 and boxing all well covered.

And check out the video section. The BBC is a world-respected source and this app is great for keeping you in touch with breaking news from a place you can trust, especially when you are abroad. So I still find myself having another attempt in a quiet moment.

30 top apps for Nokia Lumia smartphones

Another old stand-by for me. I was totally hooked when it came out. I tend not to play it on planes though. More evidence that you can feed your addiction to the most compelling games ever invented. Who can fail to love this game and its endless challenges? Love zombie games? Check out our latest collection of zombie games. Keep your Tetris skills in shape whenever you feel like it.

Perhaps THE best puzzler ever dreamed of. Try it and buy it. Beautifully simple and simply the best little platformer on mobiles. Super Monkey Ball. A constant companion in the supermarket, Epicurious enables you to find new recipes and buy the ingredients at a glance. The choice of dishes is enough to satisfy the heartiest of appetites. With choice of activities, Endomondo produces maps of your efforts and keeps track of your achievements. After living with Lumia for nearly four months now, the preloaded apps that come with it are part of my everyday life.