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Google Home will replace your current version of Google Launcher if you had one installed already , and Google Search will replace its counterpart on your phone.

Get to Google Now on the Samsung Galaxy S4

You may run into a problem with installation where the Launcher does not install properly. Pressing the Home button should now bring up the option to choose a default launcher. Select the Google Now Launcher and hit Always.

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This can be changed at anytime in the App Manager in your Settings app. Just select the Launcher from the list and tap on Clear Defaults.

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The next time you hit the Home button, you'll be asked to pick a launcher again. Use TouchWiz home if you want to go back to normal. The Google Now Launcher is undoubtedly cleaner and right off the bat tries to de-clutter your home screen with automatic smart folders. The black Status bar at the top has also been swapped out for a transparent one. If you have noticed that your widgets have been removed, they can be added by hitting the Menu button and selecting widgets from the new menu screen. You can also add apps to the pages by dragging and dropping them from the new app drawer, which has a darker background and subtle animations when scrolling the pages.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Tip 9:Quick access to google now

And don't forget that Google Now is embedded into the launcher. You can say "OK, Google" and the voice-activated search will launch from any home screen. The Google Now Launcher is very simple and clean and will help keep the clutter to a minimum. Check it out for yourself and let me know what you think.

User guides James Peckham Head Into Settings Once it has loaded scroll on down to the bottom of the app. Read More About: Android Apps. Google Now. Android Lollipop 5.

Samsung Galaxy S4 mini review: Voice assistants, phonebook

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