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You swipe your team about, to get them in the best position to dish out some damage, but also to avoid getting shot, blasted, squashed or eaten. Clearly, this is a game that was designed for iPhone, quickly flicking characters about in idle moments, but it works surprisingly well on the bigger screen of the iPad. The pixel art shines, and the extra space results in fewer erroneous swipes. Our favorite iPad arcade games, including brawlers and fighting games, auto-runners, party games, pinball, and retro classics.

Fly THIS! But whereas the older title was an endless test that relentlessly ramped up the panic, this newer game feels more strategic and bite-sized.

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The planes are fewer in number, but the maps are more claustrophobic. Skullgirls is an impressive tappy brawler — akin to Street Fighter II reimagined for touch, by someone very much against the concept of virtual joypads. This means swipes and taps are the order of the day, swift finger movements being used to duff up opponents. Visually, Skullgirls dazzles, too, recalling an amped-up take on classic s cartoons and manga. Character design — bar questionably skimpy clothing choices here and there — is especially impressive: Super Fowlst is the follow-up to the unhinged Fowlst.

Whereas the original was Flappy Bird in a box, reimagined as a hard-as-nails arena shooter, this sequel gives you more room to breathe. But multi-screen levels and a lower concentration of enemies makes for an experience that has space for exploration and unearthing secrets, rather than solely being an ongoing frantic dash for survival.

The boss battles in particular are extremely tough, and it will take you some time before you can last a dozen levels. Train Party is a multiplayer game for between two and twelve people.


In cooperative mode, you all work as a team, trying to keep a train going for as long as possible. You lay tracks for it to chug along, move wildlife from its path, and deal with a renegade track bomber. In competitive mode, Train Party gets added bite, the winner being the last person to survive without wrecking the train. In either mode, this is a fun game, and it works particularly well on iPad.

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The larger display means even the sausage-fingered can play with an excellent degree of accuracy. Also, an iPad is a much weightier device to whack a chum with should they get a bit cocky after their fifth Train Party win in a row…. Shadow Fight 3 is a side-on one-on-one brawler set in a world of shadows that stands on the edge of a great war.

The fighty action works especially well on the iPad. Dancing Line is a rhythm action game controlled with a single finger. You help a wiggly line carve its way through isometric worlds. Its survival is down to you tapping the screen at opportune moments, to make the line change direction rather than smack into a wall.

Elsewhere, you blaze through gardens and a savannah at sunset. Slide the Shakes recreates the bartender slide, where a beverage is sent to a patron at speed — only in Slide the Shakes, the bars have been built by a maniac.

Fall short and the game generously gives you another shot albeit at the expense of a perfect score ; smash the glass and you must start that round again. This is a bright, breezy, immediate game, with intuitive catapult controls. It also avoids the irritating randomness of an Angry Birds, because the pull-back mechanism affords you plenty of accuracy. Beat Street is a love letter to classic scrolling brawlers, where a single, determined hero pummels gangs of evil-doers and saves the day. With your left thumb, you can dance about, and then use your right to hammer the screen and the opposition.

Up the Wall is an auto-runner with an edge. Or rather, lots of edges. Because instead of being played on a single plane, Up the Wall regularly has you abruptly turn degree corners, some of which find you zooming up vertical walls.

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