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Basic gameplay involves making words out of a series of letters given to you. Try to think of words as fast as you can in timed mode or play untimed mode to relax. You win the level if you can find every word that the given letters spell or if you discover the special Bingo word. Enjoy awesome modes like Crossword where you must fill in the crossword puzzle words using a series of letters or play Lightning mode and try to unscramble five words before time runs out. Play Word of the Day mode once every day to learn a new word each day.

Text Twist 2 will help you develop better spelling skills and you can learn new words every day. This game fits into any break because you can play a quick game or try to keep going for hours. Gamers of all ages can enjoy learning something new in a challenging, fun environment. TextTwist 2 is a simple to play word game that forces you to figure out as many words as you can from letters provided, in a 2: This sequel to the ever-popular Super TextTwist remains similar in gameplay, but expands upon the original by offering more options of play.

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The premise of this game is relatively the same as its predecessor—you are to form words from the letters provided. In TextTwist 2 you must find at least one word that uses all the letters to continue play and advance to the next round. Unlike the original game which would not allow you to advance without figuring out the coveted seven-letter word, this game provides you with skips that allow you to change the current letters and see new ones. Other improvements in this game over the last is the new modes of play.

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This sequel stays true to the original concepts of the game, but it expands upon them in a positive way that makes the game much more enjoyable. Like the original game, Text Twist 2 provides you with both an untimed and a timed mode. In the untimed mode you are given either six or seven letters can be adjusted and you have to spell words. This mode gives you the luxury of time, however, all the words must be figured out before you can advance to the next level.

This might bring about a lot of frustration, especially if you are stuck on one word. The second mode, which is also from the original TextTwist, is timed. In the timed mode you are racing against the clock.

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You have 2: If you do this you advance to the next round regardless of the other words you find. Twisting letters scrambling them in a different order can help you figure out different word combinations, because changing the letters can give you a different perspective. The timed element increases the pressure and difficulty immensely. The two new modes not included in the original game are a Crossword mode and a Lightning mode.

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In the Crossword games you are given letters just like in other modes. You have to fill every position in the crossword with a word from the same set of letters. You will need to figure out the longest word first in order to accurately fill out the crossword. This game is also untimed and proves to be quite challenging.

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